Medical Care

The infant mortality rate in Ethiopia is a staggering 700% higher than in the United States, with 1 in every 20 children dying before their 5th birthday. The top cause of infant death in Ethiopia is diarrheal disease. We are committed to caring for the health of the children in our program by providing resources for prevention, education and treatment of a variety of health conditions.

A Close Call

Fitsum, Age 5

Fitsum is a precious young girl we first met at the age of 5. She suffers from a chronic medical condition and as a result, a simple cut to her leg led to more than a year of daily pain. The infection became so serious that she developed osteomyelitis (an infection of the bone). Our staff cleaned her wound and changed her bandages every day until we received news that a hospital would perform surgery to fix her leg free of charge. Because the infection had entered the bone, part of the bone had to be removed. Since then, generous donors have provided her with extra grain support to allow her to fully heal. Without proper treatment, Fitsum would have lost her leg and ultimately her life. Children die every day in Ethiopia from simple injuries and illnesses. This is why proper sanitation and education regarding treatment of basic wounds and medical conditions is so critical. 

Help in the Field

There are a variety of ways you can help by serving as a medical missionary or intern. Learn more

  • HEALTH SCREENINGS - Provide checkups for the children that include checking their height, weight, blood pressure, heart, eyes, throat, ears, as well as investigating physical complaints.
  • SANITATION CLINICS - Teach the caregivers and children proper sanitation, with a focus on handwashing and preventing the spread of germs. 
  • WOUND CARE - Treat basic wounds and injuries by applying antibiotic cream and bandages. 
  • HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - Teach classes on healthcare basics, with a special focus on relevant diseases and illnesses and prevention strategies. 
  • MENSTRUATION CLASSES - Reduce stigma and fear surrounding menstruation by educating middle school and high school students and providing hygiene products. 
  • SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION - Provide the local clinics and families with products like soap, Band-Aids, antibiotic cream, toothbrushes, and more. 

Help from Home

Year of Vitamins
$ 90

One-year supply of daily vitamins to support a child's health.

Special Needs
$ 60

Supplies to support a child with special needs.

Hygiene Products
$ 20

Body wash and laundry soap to keep a child clean.

Grain Support 
$ 30

Month of extra grain support for an undernourished child.

Medical Supplies
$ 50 

First aid products for use by the school nurse.

Urgent Medical 
$ 100

Transport, doctor's visits, labwork, and more to restore a child's health.

Dental Care
$ 45

Dental products and checkups to create healthy smiles.

Girls Health
$ 40

Hygiene products and education to reduce the stigma of menstruation.

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