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The BCI Academy

Public schools in Ethiopia provide a substandard level of education, and there is no room in the private schools. On September 21st, 2009, we opened the doors of the BCI Academy. We built the school to accommodate orphaned children sponsored in our program and for the other children of the Debre Zeyit community. 

Construction of the school was completed in stages. Phase one of the construction was completed September of 2009, at which time we began enrolling students in grades 1 through 4. The entire construction was completed in four phases, finishing in 2012. In 2017, we added a second campus. The BCI Academy now offers more than 2,000 children an exceptional education.   

Fulfilling the Vision

It has long been our vision to offer a complete education from preschool through grade 12. In 2017, we undertook a project to expand the BCI Academy to offer grades 9 and 10. This meant that students could reap the benefits of an excellent education at the BCI Academy for two additional years. In 2021, we stepped out in faith and embarked on completion of the school by initiating the building of grade 11 and 12 classrooms. Can you help us put the finishing touches on fulfilling our vision? 

Current Needs

Items needed to complete the BCI Academy

Donate by Phone or Mail

Give us a call at 1-888-269-2719
Send a check in any amount to:
Blessing the Children International
2265 Fraser Road
Kawkawlin, MI  48631

School of Excellence

  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE - English is taught and emphasized to prepare the students for more global learning opportunities in the future. 
  • SUPERIOR CURRICULUM - Since English is taught across grade levels, there is a whole world of advanced curriculum available to the school. Curriculum in the native language of Amharic is very limited. 
  • MORE TEACHERS - Every classroom has an Ethiopian teacher, and missionaries and interns from first-world countries assist in the classrooms. Based on the experience of the missionaries, they either teach the classes or serve as aides to the teachers. 
  • CHALLENGED TO EXCELLENCE - Every staff member and teacher has an advisor / consultant assigned. As the Ethiopian staff and teachers work together with their advisors, they are consistently challenged to excellence in everything. 

Take a Look Around

Self-Stephens Science Lab

The Self-Stephens Science Lab was generously donated in honor of Andrew, Luke and Parker Self and Claire and James Stephens. Upgrades from the previous lab include fresh paint, plaster, an epoxy floor, plumbing, and new tables and chairs. Students study all science subjects in the lab, including chemistry, physics, and biology.


The cafeteria serves all grade levels and was remodeled in 2016, including new paint on the walls, an epoxy finish on the floor, and the addition of more seating.


The library boasts more than 3,000 books on a variety of subject matters. Students are able to read and study in the library and it also serves as the site of staff training sessions.

Computer Lab

The computer lab features more than a dozen desktop computers and classes are taught to both students and teachers. Missionaries with IT experience offer training sessions.

Faces Around Campus

Send a Child to School

Open up a world of learning to a child in need. For less than $1 a day, you can send an Ethiopian child to the BCI Academy; a School of Excellence that is breaking the cycle of poverty for more than 2,000 students.

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