Internship Types

We have a variety of internship needs in Ethiopia.


Depending on your comfort level, you may lead the class or assist an Ethiopian teacher. The greatest need is for spoken English, and no teaching degree is necessary. Prior experience teaching children in some capacity is helpful but not required. Bringing your own lesson plans, teaching aids and worksheets will help increase your effectiveness. 

Social Work

Meet the various needs of children in the program by visiting them in their homes, checking up on their wellbeing, providing needed supplies, and listening to their concerns. Help to encourage them in their studies and home life.


You may minister to men, women, and children one-on-one or in groups of any size by leading worship services, workshops, or devotionals at a local church or within the community. 


For a nominal fee, you may shadow a doctor at the hospital. You may also work alongside the BCI Academy nurse or in locacl clinics. Additional needs include providing healthcare classes and education, distributing supplies, and performing wellchecks on the children along with providing basic wound care.

If you can't go, send!

If your heart is calling you to help God's children, but you're unable to go on a trip yourself, we invite you to make a difference from the comfort of home by supporting one of our interns through a financial gift. 

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