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Income for Life

In Ethiopia, the high prevalence of disease and lack of access to quality healthcare leaves many women widowed. More than half cannot read or write, and most have limited job skills, which means a lifetime of hardship for the entire family. By providing skill training and employment opportunities, we are changing the trajectory for families in Debre Zeyit.

IGA: Putting Moms to Work

Help a mom support her family by providing training and materials to start her own business. Income generating activities are the best tools we have to set a family on their feet. Learn more

Loom Project

Since 2015, widows in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia have been making beautiful scarves to sell at local markets.

Loom Project Headquarters

Through ingenuity, our Ethiopian Director was able to purchase a new metal loom from the market for $ 1,420 and reverse engineer it to create four more looms for just $ 240 each. We now have 9 looms and more than 20 widows are employed at the facility.

Widow Creating a Traditional Ethiopian Scarf

In Ethiopia, 80% of scarves are imported. By hand looming them, the women are able to provide a superior product for a more reasonable price. The scarves are worn in a variety of ways, but the most traditional style is to wear them as a head wrap.

Colorful Scarves are a Wardrobe Staple for Ethiopian Women

Support the Women

Gift of Thread
$ 20

Gift of Supplies
$ 60

Gift of a Loom
$ 240

Fully Sponsor 1 Widow
$ 300

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