Blessing the Children is pleased to offer you a variety of ways you can come to Ethiopia in person and give of yourself in ministry.  Some people are called to send, and others are called to go.  If your considering going, let us help you make your gift of service memorable for you and effective for those you are going to minister to.  For more details about each option: Mission Trips, Internships, or Study Abroad, please click on the tabs below.

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Thinking about Studying Abroad?

Good idea! Studying abroad is one of those experiences that you only get one shot at. If you ask anybody who has studied abroad, he or she will most certainly tell you that it is a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things he or she has ever done. Perhaps you're not certain what benefits you can reap from an extended stay in a foreign country.

Some excellent reasons why you should Study Abroad:

1. Study abroad allows you get to know another culture first-hand.

Cultural differences are more than just differences in language, food, appearances, and personal habits. A person's culture reflects very deep perceptions, beliefs, and values that influence his or her way of life and the way that they view the world. Students who experience cultural differences personally can come to truly understand where other cultures are coming from.

2. You'll gain skills and experiences a classroom setting can never provide.

Being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting is scary at first, but it's also exciting. It's an opportunity to encounter situations that are unfamiliar to you and you'll learn to adapt and respond in effective ways.

3. Study abroad affords you the opportunity to make friends around the world.

While abroad, you will meet not only natives to the culture in which you are studying, but also other international students who are as far from home as yourself.

4. Study abroad helps you to learn about yourself.

Students who study abroad are challenged to consider why they believe what they do. The encounter with another culture enables students to see their own culture through new eyes, strengthening their faith and understanding why they believe what they do.

5. Study abroad provides the opportunity to travel.

Weekends and academic breaks allow you to venture out and explore the beautiful land of Ethiopia. With over 100 people groups or tribes in Ethiopia, and a land that has thousands of years of history and culture, there is no shortage of sights to see.

6. Study abroad expands your world-view.

In comparison with citizens of most other countries, Americans tend to be uninformed about the world beyond the nation's boundaries. Students who study abroad return home with an informed and much less biased perspective toward other cultures and peoples.

7. Study abroad gives you the opportunity to break out of your academic routine.

Study abroad is likely to be much unlike what you are used to doing as a student. You may become familiar with an entirely new academic system and you will have the chance to take courses not offered on your home campus. It's also a great opportunity to break out the monotony of the routine you follow semester after semester.

8. Study abroad enhances employment opportunities.

Through an employer's eyes, a student who has studied abroad is self-motivated, independent, willing to embrace challenges, and able to cope with diverse problems and situations. Your experience living and studying in a foreign country, negotiating another culture, and acquiring another language will all set you apart from the majority of other job applicants.

Study & Ministry Work

The Study Abroad Program integrates a work schedule of 15-25 hours per week with a class schedule of three or more courses. Although you’ll work less hours than an internship, the added stress of studies must be considered. Offered courses through local colleges vary from semester to semester, such as: Language arts, Ethiopian history, Ethiopian culture, Bible, pastoral and ministry studies, etc.

View a full list of Course Descriptions.

Study Abroad Program Length

The length of the Study Abroad program depends on the time of year. There are three semesters to choose from:
January - May
(16-week semester)
June - August
(8-week semester)
August - December
(16-week semester)

Housing & Food

You will stay as a guest of an Ethiopian host family, ensuring the richest and deepest cultural experience. You will discover an underrated aspect of Ethiopia, its friendly and welcoming people. Even so, as you live with your host family, it can be difficult to adjust to living in a foreign culture, without many of the comforts that Ethiopians have never enjoyed. Meals are provided by your host family.


Students must be mature and resourceful individuals exhibiting a commitment to ministry and community participation. Successful volunteers are those willing to step out of their comfort zone and be used where needed. It is essential that students be flexible, open-minded, and capable of adaption to new situations. A positive attitude, even in frustrating or difficult circumstances, is vital. Study Abroad participants must be enrolled at a college/university (having completed 12 or more credit hours), or if not enrolled, they must have completed an associate degree or greater.

View online Student Handbook.

Internship Prices start at $1,950 (airfare optional)
Airfare Included
Without Airfare

Prices listed ‘Airfare Included’ are for flights departing from a major US city.

If coming from outside of the USA or if you wish to depart from an airport that is not an international airport in a major city, please contact us for a quote.

All Trip Prices Include:
  Airport Pickup in Ethiopia Meals Lodging
  Transport to Ministry Sites Insurance Guides
Airport & Exit Taxes Monthly Allowance Translators
  Project Funds Taxes & Tips Insurance

Prices don’t include spending money, passports, visas, trip insurance, vaccinations and other expenses not listed above. Refund policies are stipulated in the Team & Missionary General Policies and BCI reserves the right to make changes in refund policies, trip prices, and fees without notice.


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